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$97/ MONTH
New breathworks are released monthly. When you enroll in the Breathwork Membership plan, you will have access to any new releases.

Learning to "breathe" with intention & purpose can be difficult. But it is easier to learn than continuing to navigate life carrying the things that no longer serve you. To grow, we must be willing to put in the hard work, and do the things that we have never done before.

How Breathwork Can Benefit You in Just a Few Moments

How to breathe with a purpose
Transformational Breathwork has been one of the biggest game-changers in my life! It was another one of those “life-changing” experiences for me on my healing journey.

In my very first class, I felt years of trauma, depression, and anxiety leave my body. I embarked on a mission to practice this method of healing every day, and it completely changed my life. I participate in a teacher training event in Los Angeles, California, in 2017 and have been offering classes in Bend Oregon ever since and have been featured in several Yoga retreats in Mexico and Spiritual Retreats on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River over the past couple of years.

To be witness to men and women step into this practice and completely change their lives is a gift that I will honor and cherish for the rest of my life, this is a potent transformational tool.

I am honored and humbled to teach this form of healing breathwork, and you will learn more and more about this as we embark on your journey to heal and become the man you truly want to be!

The Dawn Patrol

Now Available
It is time to fall in love with living your life and that all starts with a grounding, centering, morning routine!

This simple four week course has been designed to give you the optimal start to your day that will heal the body, open the heart and calm the mind.

This course is the stepping stone to living your life in a state of Love and Gratitude and tapping into the never ending well of Vitality and Abundance that lies within all of us!

Lets get your mornings started with an investment in you and see how fast everything else in your life begins to harmonize from this well spring of eternal energy!

The life you want is waiting for you!


Designed for people that have had the success, but still empty. There's more to life beyond success. You can be fulfilled!
My Goal is to help, guide, and coach MEN to step past old limiting belief patterns that keep us stuck doing what we have always done and being what we have always been.

If you are a man between the ages of 35 and 65 years old and are looking for a way out of your old stories and to step into the life you really want to live, I am here for you!

Trusted By

I came to Cameron to get some direction on some anger issues that were haunting me and he introduced me to his Breathwork and truly helped me to find alignment in my life and helped me to begin to focus on what’s important in my life and not get stuck focusing on the little things that were overwhelming me! I highly recommend Cameron if you are stuck with anything in your life and want to level up!

Craig from Scotland

Craig from Scotland


I have known Cameron for a long time and while we have a brother like relationship, there is no one that I am more comfortable with laying my shit out on the table and sharing the type of challenges that we men face in life with. His feedback to life’s problems is always from the heart and packed with life experiences and tangible action items that I can always wrap my mind around and take action on. This man is all heart!

Jascha from Oregon

Jascha from Oregon


I have done breathwork before, and it didn’t offer the calm breathing techniques like Cameron’s. Working so much, with constant deadlines and deliverables, this is an incredible way to establish balance in my life. It helps keep me focused on the important things in life. I really like Cameron’s raw, masculine approach to life. He gets it. But his breathworks offer a balanced way to understand what is causing stress and how to overcome it so you can become more present in the things in your life that need you the most.

Nelson Perez

Nelson Perez