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About - Cameron Scott Life Coaching

Get to Know Cameron

See How He Impacts the World
Cameron has been no stranger to helping others.

From volunteering at the local Boys & Girls Club for 4 years to impact the lives of those needing a leader & example in their life, he dedicates a portion of his time to giving back, not just domestically, but globally as well.

He has been sponsoring a child, Edria in Zambia because he believe that we should extend a helping hand to others outside of our immediate borders.

As a white water rafting guide, he has a passion for the outdoors. Just one look at his social media profiles and you can see it's definitely a passion of Cameron's. He has made it his mission to also give back to the American Rivers organization to protect, restore, and conserve the rivers.

Lastly, after recently learning of the Charity Water organization, and how they impact less fortunate, and underdeveloped countries without clean water, he has now committed to donate a portion of the Cameron Scott Life Coaching proceeds to Charity Water organization.

What's It Like To Work With Cameron?How Is He Different?

You get someone who is hyper-focused on seeing YOU become the best version of yourself, no matter what level you choose to work with him.

He is genuine, authentic, raw, and going to challenge you to push yourself. Even if it means being uncomfortable. This is where the growth happens.

He takes the time to get to know his clients on a deeper level to understand where they are when he first meets them and where THEY want to go. He leads with compassion & empathy when helping his client navigate past the tough stuff. All while outlining an individual, custom path that will help them to become the best version of themselves.

As a thought leader, Cameron focuses on asking the hard questions, to ultimately reveal deep things that perhaps you have been avoiding because it's tough...he does this so you can eventually heal, and move on to living your BEST life, that you deserve.

It's Better to Ask for Help

Then Trying to Figure it Out Alone
Someone that has gone through our exact shoes is able to help us through a lens of experience.

It can greatly reduce the time that it takes to heal! It is when you begin to heal that better things will begin to line up for you in your life.

But no one can do the work for you. That's where Cameron steps in. He will keep you accountable throughout the whole process.

Why Does Cameron Coach?

It's Quite Simple.
Having gone through enough roadblocks in life, he remembers the feeling of needing a guiding post. Someone to help you during those tough times, but also someone that can keep you encouraged for the better days that are on the horizon for you.

But first, it takes a commitment from you. You must be willing & committed to put in the time & energy to make room for major shifts in your life. In order for quantum leaps to happen, you have to be ready.

It takes focus. Consistency. Grit. But you can do it.

Since Cameron has overcome many things, he understands the fundamental compassion and empathy that is needed to help a person step into the next phase of their life beyond healing.

It takes trust, an open heart, and a desire to genuinely see the potential in a person despite their current circumstances.

He has made it his core mission to be that person that he needed, when he was going through the most difficult times of his life and he is here to help you on your journey, NOW!

We heal faster when we have help.